Cap Ex reduction by > 5x
Cost-Effective &
In-House Designed
LED technology
Proprietary Growth System with
High Throughput and Efficiency
Annual capacity
of 250 ton (present) and 800 ton (planned)
Savory Leafy Greens
World Famous Korean Strawberries
High-Value Plants with Pharmaceutical,
Cosmetic and Nutritional Values
NEXTON, an indoor vertical farm startup in Korea, realized world’s first vertical farm in a tunnel which naturally maintains temperatures of 10-20C throughout the year even without active heating or cooling solutions.
The farm inside the tunnel is 600 meters long (0.37 miles) with its floor area of ~71,000 sqft, making it one of the world’s largest indoor vertical farms. Integrating this unique tunnel environments with NEXTON’s in-house designed photosynthetically-active LED light sources and proprietary growth system, NEXTON is able to dramatically cut down the cost structure which has plagued profitability and viability of the indoor vertical farming business.

Inside the tunnel, NEXTON is hydroponically growing leafy greens and others without pesticide or herbicide with nutrient water fully-recycled and disinfected chemical-free. NEXTON tuned the environmental and nutritional conditions in such a way to produce crispy and savory leafy greens, well suited for salads. Thanks to our eco-friendly growth methods and clean/controlled environments, our produce needs no or minimal cleaning processes which, in turn, will deliver overall cost benefits to our enterprise customers.
Taking advantage of its unique tunnel environments, NEXTON is able to reduce the manufacturing cost low enough to offer highly competitive pricing against conventional environmental-friendly produce.
Thanks to this cost innovation, NEXTON is on track to realize profitable and sustainable vertical farm business.
FARM One is located inside the Dangjae Tunnel, approximately 120 miles south of Seoul.
The tunnel has a floor area of 71,000 sqft NEXTON’s proprietary Gen 1 growth system adopts sprays for nutrient water delivery and Styrofoam beds for planting.
For higher throughput and labor efficiency, semi-automatic mechanisms are put in place for easy planting and harvest.

The Gen2 growth system is recently installed and up and running since August, 2018.
This proprietary system use less water, has enhanced workability , yields higher throughput and is fabricated more cost-effectively.

Sensors are installed at strategic locations throughout the growth system and inside the tunnel, monitoring real-time temperatures/humidity, CO2 concentrations and irradiance of photosynthetically-active lights along with electric conductivity and PH of the nutrient water.

Cost-effective techniques are employed in controlling humidity and ambient temperature inside the tunnel.
FARM One is located inside the Dangjae Tunnel, approximately 120 miles south of Seoul. Plants are a rich source of bio-active materials of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutritional values.
Vertical farming with capabilities of controlling environmental factors such as the nature and intensity of lights and nutrients opens exciting opportunities for volume production of medicinal plants with high and consistent contents of bio-active materials.
NEXTON is in discussion with leading pharmaceutical & cosmetic companies, and natural materials research institutions to identify and select key plants to be “manufactured” in our farm.
Respected Global Leader in LED business
who turned into a Pioneer in Indoor
Vertical Farm Business
Computer programmer by train and prominent business pioneer by career, JB Choi is best known as a key person for Seoul Semiconductor’s dramatic emergence as world’s #3 and Korea’s #1 LED company, outcompeting Samsung and LG, Korea’s conglomerate giants.
JB Choi started his career as computer programmer at Hyosung, Korea’s tier 1 conglomerate.
Searching for more challenging and rewarding career, he joined Seoul Semiconductor, then a low-profile LED supplier with $10M revenue.
He has quickly climbed the corporate ladder with dedication, problem-solving ability, strategic minds and never-give-up spirit, culminating as the youngest President at Seoul Semiconductor.
During his 13 years of tenure, he has played critical and central roles in growing Seoul Semiconductor from $10M to $1B revenue and transforming it from a low-profile Samsung supplier into a well-respected, highly-competitive global LED powerhouse.
After Seoul Semiconductor, he has successfully acquired POSCO LED, a POSCO subsidiary specializing in LED light solutions for harsh & demanding conditions such as steel mills, and assumed the CEO position.
AS CEO of POSCO LED, he achieved dramatic turnaround from capital impairment to net profit in 6 months.
Recognizing fundamental limitations of conventional agriculture and promise of indoor vertical farming, he decided to advance agricultural revolution by realizing profitable and viable indoor vertical farming business and founded NEXTON in 2017.
World’s First Vertical Farm in a Tunnel with more than 71,000 sqft Floor Space.
NEXT ON  13 Samjeon-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul Republic of KOREA (Zip code: 05605)